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Nature with

Wild Education

Welcome to
West County Nature Club

Our program is about discovery, friendship, self-awareness, stewardship, & fun! Our mentors aim to bring your children closer to nature by getting their hands in the dirt and keeping them active and healthy. Discover how we make education wild!

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Adventure in the Outdoors

From land to sea, from plants to animals, we explore and develop healthy relationships and awareness of our local and global communities.




Through hands-on exploration and activities, we help children grow to be curious learners, excited about life, nature, and the world around them. 


Fun for

Socializing in mixed age groups allows children to gain leadership skills, empathy, independence, creativity, and patience. 

Join Us

Rain or shine, we meet weekly over the course of the year. Join our club as we explore some of the hidden beauties of Sonoma County.

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