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Victoria, Brook, and Jenny met while teaching together at Wildflowers Nature School. Since then they have formed a deep connection through their value of stewardship and passion for nature education. They have studied, trained, and practiced the concepts of: unbiased education, Art of Mentoring, Waldorf philosophy, and early childhood development. Combined they have 30 years of experience with teaching children in the outdoors.


As a three woman partnership they create a safe, nurturing, and playful container for your children to thrive in. They are committed to creating a regenerative education model. They believe that all children greatly benefit from being outdoors, and that natural history is a core component of a holistic learning experience. Each of them brings something different to the table, and as friends they have so much fun working together. They are inspired by the people forging this work and give thanks to all their teachers and mentors.

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Tori is thankful to have had a childhood filled with the beauty of nature, and she is passionate about sharing that gift with the children of today.

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Brook’s deep love and gratitude for nature and the wild, her family, and for the children of the world is her guiding and balancing force in life.

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Jenny is a first generation Cuban-American, born and raised on the subtropical, multi-ethnic rhythms of Miami, Florida.


“Being youth mentors is the most rewarding work for us. In truth, we feel like students with how much we learn and grow every day. Our goal to enrich the lives of children is also our goal for ourselves.


We aim to strengthen children’s confidence, increase skills and knowledge, and strive to give them a sense of both wonder and responsibility to the Earth. It is an honor to lead children on their journey and have them be a part of ours.”

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