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Victoria Power

Victoria is grateful to have had a childhood filled with the beauty of nature, and she is passionate about sharing that gift with the children of today. Victoria was born and raised in the Green Mountain State. Splashing around in swim holes, wandering the nearby meadows and forests, canoeing, and catching frogs in her neighbors backyard were some of the formative experiences of living and learning in the outdoors. She will forever love Vermont, and cares deeply for the place she grew up.  Victoria is eager to help children feel this way about their home and be forever connected to their roots.


Victoria’s interests in the forest, watersheds, and her fascination with plant ecology and biology drove her to earn a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography in 2012. She has been involved with outdoor education ever since, and returned to school to earn an AA degree in Child Development and a Lifeways Early Childhood Certification.  

"Every day is an opportunity to show up with curiosity and joy. As much as I am an advocate and a mother, I am also a child at heart."

Victoria is living the life she always wanted, raising her three children, and getting her hands and heart involved with the land. She finds peace and grounding by observing nature, without doing anything to it,  just simply and completely lost in its wonder. One of her favorite things to do is to learn about and work with plants, and enjoy the the land she lives on, which is full of neverending beauty!

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