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“I am so grateful for all my mentors and teachers, and nature and children are by far my greatest teachers.” ~Brook


Brook Syme

Brook’s deep love and gratitude for nature and the wild, her family, and for the children of the world is her guiding and balancing force in life.  Ever since she was a child, Brook has loved to be outdoors all seasons, all ways.  She was born in central Utah, and lived in California and Oregon as a child.  She spent much of her youth on horseback and camping in the Wasatch mountains and desert. She also spent a lot of time in the American and Sacramento River Valleys, and the great Northwest.  These countless memories of wild experiences have shaped who Brook is and will forever guide her to be a better human being and steward to this tremendously beautiful home we call Earth.


Brook has raised two beautiful children, and is so proud to see the love and respect that they each hold and share of caring deeply for the earth and their environment.  

Brook has been nurturing and caring for others for as long as she can remember.  She finds great joy and satisfaction in this, it fills her heart and soul.  Brook has been serving families in Sonoma County since 2004.  Trained as a Lifeways care giver and a Waldorf teacher, and through continued education, Brook strives to learn new ways and methodologies in how to be a better teacher, mentor, and person.  Brook is a child at heart, she loves to play, laugh, learn, and explore.  She loves to love! 


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