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Jennifer Sanchez-Seeley

Jenny is a first generation Cuban-American, born and raised on the subtropical, multi-ethnic rhythms of Miami, Florida.  She spent most of her childhood on the soccer field, which not only afforded her the opportunity to travel all over the country, but also fostered an early appreciation for the richness of developing a community rooted in physical play, friendship and passion for a common goal.  Although at the time winning their games held great importance, Jenny came to realize that the real growth spurred from her team’s many shared challenges and breakthroughs.  This personal growth as part of a team is what initially drew her to fostering leadership development in kids, and she spent her teens through her early twenties coaching soccer teams. This led her on her path to youth work.  


After college, Jenny found her way to the West Coast where surfing and ocean connection stole her heart.  Surf travel led her down the coastline into Central America where she ended up spending eight years cultivating a deep connection with the land, sea, and simple agrarian lifestyle of the local people.  Jenny learned to be a steward and student of the land, as well as a successful farmer through the subtle mentorship of many locals to whom she owes much gratitude.  This experience truly shifted her perspective and informed her direction of youth mentorship.  


In 2012, alongside her partner Justin, Jenny welcomed their first daughter into the world in Costa Rica.  They decided to move their family back to California when their second daughter was on the way. Now, six years back in California, Jenny’s love for play, nature connection, and youth development continues.  She truly believes that the best kind of learning happens while having fun and fully engaged in the experience with mind and body.

"The best kind of learning happens when we are having fun and fully engaged in the experience with mind and body."

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